What bag is this?

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  1. [​IMG]

    What bag is this, and is it made out of lambskin? Thank you!
  2. it is Chanel coco Croco in purple i think. It is NOT leather. It is actually stitched fabric ( not sure satin or not ) made to look like croc leather.
    The retail is around 3K. very pretty but i personally prefer leather.
  3. it's handstitched satin - no two bags are alike

    Another PFer got this bag - check the general Chanel forum page (I think search is disabled, though)
  4. NM San Antonio has this bag in turquoise and they are very unique and pretty. It is satin =) not leather

  5. It's not satin this in particular is jersey and it looks duller than the satin version !
    As you can see in the pics it comes with tarnished silver H/W and fabric on the chain
    while the satin comes with gold H/W chain only not fabric on it!
    the turquoise as well as black versions are satin with Gold H/W too
    the jersey version with tarn silver H/W comes in orange ,yellow and red
    Hope it helps .Here are pix of the purple satin Totoro928 got, love this bag!
  6. the coco's croco as seen on kirsten dunst is made of jersey material. i saw it in the boutique yesterday. it didn't look as fab irl as in photos. it looked pretty dull actually.
  7. thats one hot bag
  8. Gosh it really is isnt it. Just stunning :biggrin:
  9. Pretty, but for 3K I'd rather get leather!