What bag is this?

  1. I recently got this bag at a vintagestore (very reputable one), and I am very impressed with the quality. It's made out of genuine leather, and the details are awesome. However, since the quality is so good, I have been wondering a lot about who made it. There are no tags, but the details remind me of Versace. So... does anyone know what vintage Versaces look like? Are they supposed to have tags and names inside of them? Or is this just a no-name-bag?

    Doesn't really matter a lot, I guess, but since I forgot to ask the saleslady (I just bought the bag because I liked it) I thought the best way to find out is to ask you lovely ladies. TIA!
    Blue bag.jpg Blue bag2.jpg
  2. Wow! Honestly, I have no idea what brand that is, but it is GORGEOUS!!!
  3. The logo is by Versace but I don't know why there is no name inside.
  4. It does look like a versace. Even if it turns out not to be, it's beautiful!
  5. The logo is definitely Versace. Why no label though? strange...
  6. I agree it is defenitely Versace and it is very lovely I love color wear it in good health.
  7. Thanks for your compliments all! :smile:

    I really like the colour, which is why I got it in the first place, and I am glad to hear that I am not the only one getting Versace vibes from it. I'm still puzzled about the fact that there are no tags though. Will try to research vintage 70's (this is the period I am assuming it is from) Versaces a bit more when I have the time.
  8. It's highly unlikely it's from the 70s, as Versace was founded 1978. It' more likely from the 80s, but you never know. ^_^ It's beautiful, good luck!
  9. oh, it's really pretty.
  10. Ahh, thanks for the tip. had no idea.
  11. What a great find! I agree, the hardward does look like the Versace logo, but without a label it would be hard to verify. Are there any tags on the inside that say where it was made?
  12. Yes, there is a small label inside of the bag that says "Made in Italy", but a lot of brands are made there, I suppose. That's the only tag there is. No mention of Versace anywhere. I checked the zippers etc as well.
  13. It´s definitely Versace! I have a vintage Versace jeans and it has the same logo on it.