What bag is this?

  1. Hello all,
    I love the bag to the left with his arm linked through, does anyone know what it is and how I can get one (LV doesnt sell them anymore! :crybaby:)
  2. Is that one of those vail blanket bags?? Matt/John would know this FOR SURE.
  3. Oh and of course deluxeduck too!
  4. AH! I found it! I think it's called the Innsbruck Carryall

    "Epitomizing this new mood, the American hip-hop and rap artist Pharrell Williams fronts the men's campaign, surrounded by classic Louis Vuitton suitcases in Monogram canvas and holding the new Innsbruck carryall with its graphic V motif in brown and beige suede. "
  5. ^^^^ Dangit! You beat me to it!!! :p My effing stupid laptop powered off by itself when I was typing the answer up!!! :cursing:
  6. EH at least I said you'd know it for sure!
  7. Awww... thanks! :heart:
  8. ;)