What Bag is this??

  1. dervilfal vbmenu_register("postmenu_1512756", true); posted a pic of a bag she called calf skin bowler on the 2nd page of the reference library. Is this the actual name for this bag and is it still available? Also does it come in caviar and how does calf skin comapre to lamb skin?? Thanks!!
  2. link please?
  3. that's blurry but it looks like caviar.
    Caviar IS calfskin, it's just a different finish, it's more textued and durable.
  4. I thought it looks like caviar! Its in the refernece library on page 2 and called calf skin bowler. I have never seen this bag and was wondering if its a limited edition and still available, Dervilfal said its from the 2006-2006 winter line...

    Black Calfskin Bowler Winter 2006/2007 collection
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  5. i saw this bag at my local boutique in Calgary.
  6. it's a Timeless Classic Tote, it's not Ltd at all.
  7. I have only seen it with the leather and chain strap and the large CC's on the caviar with the zip top, not with the all silver chain and small silver CC's, is this a different version of this bag? The other one is $1750 and this one seems to be more...or is this a different bag? LOL I'm confused...
  8. Does this style come in gold hardware also? I think this style doesn't quite have as pointy top edges as the version with the large caviar CC's.