What bag is this?

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. This looks like one of the old scarf prints - 2003 maybe? I have it in a catalog at home...I thought it was also suede but not sure....

    I'm thinking I was not much help.. :confused1:
  3. no...not a scarf print...but it IS a suede bag. I believe just called "Optic Suede" or something like that.

    very rare, hard to find...and big bucks when found on eBay.
    came in pink too
  4. yup, it's called optic suede. It comes in some gorgeous pinks and purples as well. The style numbers is 3682
  5. it's the optic signature suede gallery tote from 2004 holiday = I believe original retail was $498, came in the yellow/blue/green and a pink/purple/white version