What bag is this please??

  1. My apologies and I definately feel a bit foolish having to ask but I don't own any LV and am thinking I might just venture into the unknown...I'm finding it really hard to get the perfect mix of casual and girly, which is what I am, in LV...I saw this pic from another thread about superfakes - this was the image used to show just how great fakes are getting - but no reference to what this is a copy of. I absolutely love it but as I say, I feel silly asking what it is. Can someone enlighten this LV novice?



  2. 'Tis okay, I've figured it out!
  3. ah yea, the cherry blossom in the papillion.
  4. To specially say, its the "cream" version of the cherry blossom papillon.
  5. MMM... I love the red/creme CB Pap!!! :biggrin: