What bag is this bag ??

  1. I myself have no Idea...I was thinking Prada but its probably not. Do any of you'ze know please

  2. That is a type of Prada I believe, since they have that "rouched" leather this season, VB, Halle Berry are also in pics here on PF with similar type bags, check out Bergdorf, NM and Saks on line.
  3. thanks x
  4. I'm sure is a Prada
  5. Definately Prada from their A/W range:yes:
  6. Yup that's a PRADA without a doubt. Just saw it in HK Fashion Magazine.

  7. Yup yup its Prada. I like it except that its going to look too long on me :sad:
  8. Prada. Huge bag!
  9. Prada Gauffre bag I believe!
    Prada for sure, but I could've botched the name!
  10. Hi, It is the larger version of the Prada Runway tote currently selling on the Neiman Marcus web site for $1,750.00. :P

    Here is the smaller version (if i can get it to come up correctly):
  11. yeah thats prada,i seen it in the style issue of people.
  12. Prada Framed Gauffre - It's very big, almost luggage sized. I don't think it's sold online so the best way is to call a Prada shop if you're interested in buying it. :yes:
  13. Hi guys and girls, thanks for all replying to me and helping me. Do any of you know how much it is before I call them ? :smile:
  14. also, I was going to use it for Luggage to Im glad about the size
  15. Go to the Prada forum. There is a ton of information concerning the bag there. Look for posts by Jill and Cougess and twins, I believe. The bag is fab.