What bag is this and when do I start buggin' DH for it for Christmas?

  1. I snagged this pic off a scan from Ms-Whitney, thanks, Ms W :yes:

    I love the look of this, hard to see but the design/workmanship looks really special. I picture it with maybe fuzzy purse charms, and on MY arm of course :yes:

    Anyone know the name? And how can I making it convenient for the hubster to part with the cash? Maybe let him call the store, huh?


    Should I let him pick the colour? I really like them all..............
  2. That is part of the new collection I think it's available in stores this friday. When DH asks what you want for x-mas, let him know. seduce him...LOL just kidding!! As someone on this board mentioned before if you have the new catalog just circle/hi-light the items you want & leave it around the house. Hopefully, DH stumbles upon it & sneaks a peak & surprise!!
  3. That soon!? Yikes. I'm not sure I can get him in a holiday mood so soon.
    Although some naughty text messages 'n' promises :graucho: might work...
    ...and let me plan on baking something today too...