~What Bag is that?~

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  1. *Hey Ladies!*

    Important Question here:

    I just saw this bag at the purseblog.com - under Balenciaga Bags-

    Its on this site- Post Nr. 7 "NEW FALL 2005"

    Its a black square Chanel Bag and I love it!

    I think its the Lady Braid- but I am not sure.

    Can anyone help me here.. please?

    The Lady Braid Ive seen before didn't have the Chanel Sighn like this Bag? Or 'em I uncorrect?

    If anyone has/knows details (e.g is it STILL available? - or 2005 collection bag) about this bag, I'd really appreciate it!

    It's a very lovely bag.

    Thanks in Advance!:love:
  2. no, that's a Vintage Ligne box tote, check the Reference Library's Vintage Ligne thread:yes:
  3. I'm going to guess it's from the Vintage Ligne?
  4. Thanks you two for the fast replay!!!

    Is it still available?? I guess not:sad:?
  5. Stupid me- just checked out the Vintage Ligne Sectione in the Reference libary- vintage- ya its not available anymore!
    But how come its already vintage if its from 2005?! Those bags in the reference libary seemed much older... 80s and co.?!
  6. I think they're all sold out in stores. But some are popping up on eBay.