What bag is that?

  1. Hi, What is the style of the bbag that Nikki (the black bag), Demi (the purple bag), & Christina (the white bag) holding? They look so lovely.

    I am now debating between that style & the twiggy. Does Twiggy hold its shape if you don't put much in there?? Which is a better style out of those two? Planning to get a pink or the rouille. It's so hard to pick a bbag as I love all of the colors & styles. Wish I'm a millionaire :lol: Thanks.

  2. nikky is holding what looks like a CITY... i think Demi must be holding a WORK or a WEEKENDER... it looks huge!
  3. Okay, well, there's no Christina on there, so of the two white bags, one is a first, the other a weekender. Demi Moore(bottom left of first pic - above her is Kate Moss) is carrying a first and Nicky's black bag is a city.
  4. Thanx, ladies...I think I really like the "First" then. :smile: