What bag is Tara Reid carrying here?

  1. mr_fp_113336_0.jpg
  2. I don't know the name of the bag, but I know it's by Jimmy Choo.
  3. It's the Mahala.
  4. Isn't the bigger question "How is Tara Reid still sporting designer swag?" Do people still give her free stuff? Should we assume that at this point she's paying for it herself? It seems like she is held up as an example of bad taste more often than good - if you were a designer would you want her to be seen carrying your bag?
  5. she looks great. not sure who designs the bag, but I love the her sunglasses
  6. Yup, Jimmy Choo Mahala!
  7. Defo JC Mahala. :yahoo:
  8. Love that JC Mahala! One day, one day...