What bag is she carrying?

  1. What bag is Jennifer Love Hewitt carrying? I love the color and shape!


  2. I'm pretty sure it's BCBG's signature bag, which comes in different colors and trim variations.
  3. Yup, it is a very functional bag!
  4. yes it is I believe. I think I saw it on the Nordstroms site.
  5. Wow, the skirt is interesting, it reminds me of Cindy Lauper in the 1980's.
  6. I love that color. It looks great on her.
  7. Someone has this in green in the WTS section. I think it's Luna. (ok, I checked, it is Luna.) It's a cute bag.
  8. I love that shade of pink.
  9. BCBG max Azzria- have the darker pink one love it
  10. [runs to the Marketplace] lol
  11. i don't know about the bag, but UGH no more UGGs. it is s. cali. it is warm. and almost summer. there is NO need for sheepskin. :smile:
  12. Love The Bag ~ Fabulous Color
  13. I LOVE the shape and the color of that bag!
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