What bag is she carrying? Please help!

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am looking to purchase my first Chanel purse and was hoping to get a black sling with gold chains. Does anyone know the one Nicole Ritchie is carrying in the following link?:nuts: love it!

    Or do you ladies have any good suggestions? I am looking for a casual and easy to carry quilted Chanel.http://www.outofsightmedia.com/category/nicole-richie/

    Thanks for your help in advance!:yes:
  2. Anyone?? I was hoping someone would be able to spot that sling bag... :sad:
  3. it's only been 15 minutes since you asked, ON A WEEKEND, try and be patient ;)
  4. I can't tell what kind of bag it is. She is also not wearing shoes in public which I find disgusting.
  5. Apologies, Swanky Mama Of Three, me being anxious and all!! Can't wait to get my hands on my first Chanel piece. I'll be patient for more replies. :smile:
  6. Tura**Satana, i wonder myself why she seems to be walking around barefooted??
  7. I hope someone can help you..I totally understand wanting to know something RIGHT NOW!
  8. Thanks tvstar, on a totally irrelavant topic, I like your avatar! Which style is it? Great color@!
  9. maybe vintage?:shrugs:
  10. It's a vintage quilted bag. There are lots on eBay, just be careful regarding authenticity. Michele has been authenticating a lot of these lately so they seem to be popular with the ladies here.
  11. Smoothoprter, Thanks you! i will go scout for it on ebay now.
  12. I agree, it must be vintage... that chain hasn't been seen in a while.
  13. hey! i think luvmychanel has this exact bag!
  14. it's definitely vintage, saw one sell this weekend on ebay for about $450ish.