What bag is Paris wearing?

  1. Hi there,

    does anybody know what type of bag Paris is wearing in that picture?

    She wore it during a German TV show and it tookme forever to hunt a pic down. So, any help would be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Kittie :heart:
  2. I cannot see the picture.
  3. there's no photo{?}
  4. we can't see any pictures...
  5. ^^^ Yep, no pic...
  6. lol, I'm such a mess today, sorry :shame:

    here it is:
    Paris bag.jpg
  7. It looks like from her own line.
  8. paris is soooo hot...I love her style!!!! You go Paris girlfriend!!
  9. D&G's?
  10. i like her top, but no the wig!
  11. her hair looks so fake!!
  12. dear god, does she have a handbag line? it looks sort of Juicy ish if you're looking for a similar style


    the Juicy Couture Princess ZZ Quilted Bag for $425 at Saks
  13. didn't know she had a bag line?! thought that was Nicky?
  14. She has a new bag line coming out...there is little advertisement for her handbags in her CD. She does pretty much everything.
  15. wow, people can say whatever they want, but Paris is not lazy :smile:

    Does anyone have a weblink?