What bag is Lohan carrying?

  1. I love this pag that Lindsay Lohan is carrying. Does anyone know the bag?


  2. Lindsays not gonna need a bag after last night. Arrested again for DUI and Cocaine in the car AGAIN. She just got charged for the last offense yesterday. Leg bracelet or not...she had to party. All that rehab di not a thing for her. She'd better save her dollars because no one is going to want her work. I suppose she will get jail time if Paris did and Paris didn't have drugs in her car.
  3. She is carrying the Jimmy Choo Mahala
  4. love the color of her bag.
  5. Hahahaha Lexie... she is NOT a good role-model for all those girls who "look up" to her. She deserves every bit of punishment she gets.

    Ankle bracelets and handcuffs DO seem to be quite the Hollywood accessory of choice these days, though.