What bag is Lindsay Lohan wearing?

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  1. I can't find any other pictures that show more details of the bag she is wearing. Anyone know who makes this bag? TIA!

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  2. I am pretty sure that it is a vintage chanel, the one with the CC logo at the bottom - beautiful!
  3. Yea, looks like vintage Chanel..chain strap gives it away.
  4. Looks like a nice bag, but boy does she look sloppy.
  5. I'm guessing vintage Chanel too. But just 'cuz of the strap! Can't see the bag very well!
  6. When does she not look sloppy? She's not an actress, she's a professional hot mess.
  7. Looks like Chanel but it's hard to say from the pics.
  8. Vintage Chanel Def.
    Hope this helps Honey :biggrin:
  9. I would only guess that it is a vintage Chanel, too, as she loves Chanel.....or Chanel loves her......
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