What bag is Lindsay carrying?

  1. I am referring to the bag she is holding in her hand and not the other twos
    lindsay_lohan_sheer_cl_2_big.jpg lindsay_lohan_sheer_cl_3_big.jpg lindsay_lohan_sheer_cl_4_big.jpg lindsay_lohan_sheer_cl_big.jpg lindsay_lohan_sheer_cl_5_big.jpg lindsay_lohan_sheer_cl_6_big.jpg
  2. it's the new Fall 06 balenciaga quilted bag-
  3. Seems like a lot of celebrities are carrying a Balenciaga.
  4. Where can I find one in Chicago? Is there any online authorized dealers?
  5. shirise is a boutique in chicago that carried them. ikram might carry them as well.
  6. Do you know of any dealers in Houston, Texas!?!

  7. I'd stay away from both becuse Amazon isn't an authorized retailer and to the bags look questionable the other shop definetely sells fakes.
  8. I saw this exact puffy brown B-bag just yesterday at Nordies in Sacramento. Number is 916-646-2400 and my SA, Patrice, is great. They also had this bag in black...
  9. Want!!!
    I have been seduced by this bag :heart: it is gorgeous.
  10. I can tell you one thing she's NOT carrying - a bra!!!:wtf:
  11. Or she can be wearing a bra w/ fake nips sticked to it.
  12. :lol: :lol: :lol: ...