What bag is Lauren carrying?

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  1. Does anyone know who makes Lauren's bag in these pictures and where I could buy it? Any help would be fabulous!




    Thanks ladies & I hope you all had a great thanksgiving!
  2. I'd like to know too?
    anyone know :shrugs:
  3. yes it's def Linea Pelle
  4. wow - great price.
    Who sells Linea Pelle?
  5. I think that bag is exclusively on the LP website and in boutiques.
  6. Hello ladies,

    Seasons greetings from Linea Pelle Collection Online! We love our friends on the Purse Forum and wanted you to be the first to know that tonight we launched LC's new handbag collection. Lauren is our first celebrity guest designer at LP Collection and we absolutely adore the bags.

    The bag pictured in this thread is the large body of the group. It can be worn open as a tote (pictured here in black) or clipped at the top for a beautiful round shape (as pictured in olive green).

    These are on pre-order now at LPCollection.com. Please call us in the office after Thanksgiving weekend if you have any questions!

    Take care & Happy Holidays,
    The LP Team

    Pre-order LC's bags at:

  7. Lauren has great style!