What bag is Katie Holmes carrying?

  1. Does anyone resognize the bag Katie Holmes is carrying? I'm thinking Balenciaga but I'm not sure...I love the colour :smile:
  2. Looks like a Balenciaga Day w/giant hardware.
  3. ^ I agree. It looks great on her.
  4. Yup.
  5. Answered in the other thread...someone mentioned 2007 Vert gazon day
  6. I love this green :nuts:
  7. Lovely bag! :drool:
  8. haha I just signed on to tpf (even though I'm running late) to ask the same question and I thought someone would beat me to it! It's such a gorgeous bag and an amazing color!!!
  9. oh its gorgeous
  10. Beautiful bag. Looks great the way she's accessorized it with that child! :-P