What bag is Halle Berry carrying in these photos? Thanks.

  1. halleobama3-773188.JPG .

    Is it the Gustto baca in black? Which size? Thanks for your time.
  2. Yep, definitely the gustto - the big shiny buttons can be spotted a mile away! It looks too big to be the regular size, so I'm guessing a large.
  3. Thanks, maedchen. I live in Chicago, too.
  4. You're welcome! And just so you know, they have these bags at Active Endeavors in the Evanston shop (not sure about the one on Armitage), so you can see it IRL if you want!
  5. I'm from Chicago too. I saw the Gustto bags at Nordstroms in Oak Brook. I'm sure the downtown store has got them too, since they are a larger store than Oak Brook.
  6. Are you guys sure that's the Baca and not the Setela?
  7. I finally went to the Active Endeavors store this weekend. I can't believe that I had missed it, given all the times I had taken my son to the game store across the street.

    Tried the Anna Corinna Jet Setter. Love the look, but found it to be very heavy. Also saw the Botkier Sasha in person, nice. It' so funnyy--I'm old enough to remember when it actually was a outdoor sport enthusiasts' store in another part of Evanston. (For others, Evanston is a northern suburb of Chicago--home to Northwestern University.)
  8. Whichever you decide to buy, I would recommend seeing it first and then buying at revolve clothing; they offer 30% discount for your first purchase! You can't beat that...
  9. I love Gustto!
    Not so much the Baca - but the Setela is always in my mind!

    I also think it should be the Baca - judging from the shape and the buttons placement- but it is definitely a Gustto!