What bag is going to Disney w/me???

  1. What lovely bag should I take to Disney w/me for the Nightlife?????

    Legacy shoulder bag

    Ali(whisky or white)

    Brown Sig. Gallery Tote

    Ergo Hobo

    Ergo Belted Hippie

    Small Flap Hobo

    Hamptons black Satin bag

    I'm leaning towards not taking any of the Legacy bags b/c I don't want them to get ruined......

  2. I took my large Chocolate Carly w/ me!!!!!!! She was GREAT!!!!! I think I would say to take something signature so you can wipe it down easily and you wont be as worried!
  3. I would take the brown sig. gallery tote. I saw one today in Macy's. It was on clearance and the lining was TDF!!
  4. Ergo, Legacy's too heavy to lug around all day. I'm wondering the same thing...
  5. I say either the Ergo hobo or gallery tote...
  6. Hmmmm . . . . Disney means lots of walking & lots of people. So I would suggest Ergo, which was designed for just that (ergonomically engineered for comfort). Security would be my other concern, in case a pick-pocketer was wandering around.
  7. I would go with either the Ergo hobo or the Ergo hippie. Both will be lightweight which is nice when you are doing a lot of walking.
  8. ergo hobo!
  9. Ergo hippie...nice and lightweight...
  10. Ditto!
  11. I vote for the Ergo belted hippie. It looks really fashionable, and you won't have to try to keep up or manage a handbag. You're going to have so much going on that it will be one less thing to worry about--including pickpockets!
  12. Ergo hippie! It's cute and hands free!
  13. Ergo hippie! I think the gallery tote would be too big (not enough room to store it at your feet on some of the rides like big thunder mountain, space mountain, etc.) and i would advise against the satin bc you never know when it might start raining and youre out in the park! HAVE FUN!!!
  14. Ergo hippie...cute, secure so you don't have to worry about anyone stealing anything in crowds and hands free! The perfect bag for Disney!
  15. I actually wouldn't recommend the ergo hippie because its limited edition and it would be really sad if it got destroyed. I would go with the ergo hobo.