What bag is Caroline Kennedy carrying?

  1. Small picture I know...could it possibly be a Balenciaga Work?
  2. Looks like a Chloe Edith to me.
  3. edith!
  4. I thought it was an Edith, but the top of my Edith doesn't look like that. Mine doesn't have zipper end flaps like her bag does (which why I thought it was a Work). :shrugs:
  5. edith was my first thought too...
  6. it's unanimous! The Edith
  7. looks like edith to me too
  8. edith has different styles. i think it's the edith.
  9. First look and no doubt, Chloe Edith.
  10. I agree - Edith. The Chloes are so gorgy this season.
  11. The pattern her right foot is touching looks just like a quilt I finished! :P
  12. She looks so chic and that bag is awesome. What an inspiration with all that woman has been through in her life!!