What bag is angelina carrying?

  1. not seeing a bag...
  2. This link goes through to Microsoft Office calendar...
  3. Copy and paste the link. It didn't work for me either until I did that.
  4. Here is the pic:
  5. Humm I have no idea.. it fits her great though!
  6. no brand?
  7. Give it some time, Sparky! :rolleyes:
  8. [​IMG]

  9. No idea, but D*MN! She looks GORGEOUS!
  10. I wish I knew! I love it and she looks great as usual!
  11. It better be a no name bag or she is paying premium for something no one can recognize.
  12. how can anyone look so great with just a tee, jeans and sunnies on? Geez...:Push:

    Strange to see her wearing something other than black :nuts: I'll hunt to see if I can find more on that bag :smile:
  13. yeah, she does look great on that outfit....
  14. Nah, don't know the bag. Also don't care for the hag carrying the bag. hehe