What bag have you used the longest?

  1. This thread is inspired by cgsprings. She has used her mini city for months and months :nuts: Crazy huh?

    So, I would love to hear what bag you have used the longest. As for me, I have not been using one bag consistently but I hope to soon! :yes:
  2. I used my BElen Love Me the longest so far 4 weeks in a row and I don't have the need/feeling to switch to my other bags. This never happened to me before since my bag addiction started.
  3. Umm, it's a tie between the pink one in my pic and my first purse ever, which is a vintage denim rhinestone buckle handbag made by Guess.
  4. MbMK Concrete Jungle Satchel, truly a workhorse bag!
  5. As of recent, (meaning my more expensive bags) i've used my Coach Ergo Hobo the longest. I got it in July and used it STRAIGHT through to mid-September when I got a different bag. I plan on using it again sometime soon. Maybe today!?

    In my lifetime, though? Back when I was...maybe a sophomore/junior in high school. I had this slouchy black hobo with black sequins on it (it was REALLY cute) and I used it to DEATH. I mean, the side that I had facing my body eventually had the sequins rubbed off. That was about 5 years ago, though.
  6. Probably the Banana Republic bronze metallic bucket hobo I got a few years ago, I still use that quite often.
  7. I used to have a black leather bag from a Canadian leather store called Danier. I used it as my kick around bag for two YEARS!! It has gone through the birth of two small kids and been stuffed with all of their necessities as well as my own! Needless to say, I am sick of it. However, it is still in perfect condition. I have now passed it on to my mother-in-law who had coveted it the entire time I had it. That bag is truly a workhorse.
  8. I've used my Balenciaga City and my Luella hobo the longest.
  9. Probably my LV Batignolles Horizontal. I haven't used it lately, but when I do switch to it I usually carry it for a long time. It is perfect for work (can hold planner, etc.) and weekend (bottle of water, small sweater). The BH is a great workhorse for me.