What bag have you carried the longest before longing for another?

  1. I am thinking there is something seriously wrong with me. I mean, I find my bag, which at the time I feel is my "holy grail" and then after carrying it around for a while, I find myself wanting another (different) handbag.

    Oh how I WISH I could just be faithful to one bag and just love it and adore it everyday instead of getting tired of it.

    Does anyone have a holy grail bag out there? Man, it would sure save me a lot of $$ if I could just stick with one bag!
  2. Probably a year? I have no real NEED for anything else but I get fits of desire for others about 6 months in.
  3. I carried my marc by marc turnlock for a good six months.

    And my coach tote for about the same...
  4. I think I am perpetually wanting a new bag, so not too long :roflmfao:
  5. Whatever is seriously wrong with you is wrong with me as well - I can't stand my limited ecstasy with a bag. It's costing me a fortune and I can't seem to get it under control - I recently bought 2 dream bags: a Chanel baby cabas and a Gucci all leather Pelham. I love both of them and won't be able to afford anything else for ages. I just wish I weren't so damn fickle!!!!
  6. I start shopping for another bag before the first one I ordered even arrives, talk about fickle!!
  7. I change my bags frequently. Probably the one I have used the most is my LV Cabas Mezzo but I couldn't carry any bag for more than a week!
  8. i'm very seasonal. i have one bag for fall/winter and one for spring/summer. i just carry one bag when the weather starts to change and then switch to my other one. so... i guess 6 months.
  9. Every after 3 months.. But lately.. it's getting worse... bimonthly!! Good for me, bad for my pocket!!
  10. i'm not fickle - i'm just a bag whore. i don't carry one bag exclusively, i alternate constantly between my bags and make sure to love them equally. and i'm constantly looking for new bags to round out my collection :yes:
  11. LV Speedy 30 for about 8 months or so...
  12. I've had my white Prada messenger with python detailing for about a year and I haven't really felt the need to replace it yet. I've gotten other bags, but it's the one I use most often and have kept in use for the longest time.
  13. before I sold it, it was my Batignolles Vertical.. now it seems to be my Dior Vintage Boston Bag in black.
  14. I carried my gucci tote for like 2 years until i got my lv speedy...i've just been broke lol
  15. I don't carry bags for very long at all. I consider it a huge feat if I carry a bag as long as a month... I am constantly rotating them, and adding new bags....but I've been saving for my first Chanel, so who knows how long I will use that.