What bag has your BF or DH ruined for you?

  1. I was inspired by other Pf'ers describing how their husband or boyfriend insulted their bag, and now they don't wear it as much. I bought a blue Baggy PM and though I am on the fence about keeping it, I liked it until my husband said, "That bag looks like the tat you bought at The Sak outlet sale and ended up giving to Goodwill.":Push: I asked him to elaborate on why he thinks it looks cheap and he said, "I just don't like it; the purse reminds me of toddlers with poopy jeans." :noggin:

    well, thank you, mr. fashion!

    I still think it is a cute purse, but now I am also going to think of poopy jeans! :crybaby:
  2. i've never had any particular bag ruined for me, and my current boyfriend is extremely supportive of my bag addiction. he knows better than to criticize me for it :P


    my ex-boyfriend is the biggest cheapskate you could ever find, and when my dad got me my very first LV in 2004 -- the white Multicolore Pochette -- i loved it so much that i carried it a lot. my ex-boyfriend could never understand why designer bags are so expensive, so he used to say, "Why are you carrying that bag again? it looks so childish, and people will think you're trying to show off just because you have an LV!"

    that pretty much stopped me from buying designer bags for a while, because i was afraid people would really think like him and say i was just 'showing off' :mad:. but after we broke up, all hell broke loose :lol:!
  3. :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  4. All my boyfriend does is *tsk tsk* whenever I tell him I bought a new bag...he's still relatively supportive of my choices and the look of the bags, just not the price tag, so, so far so good!

  5. Yes, I saw your amazing collection in the visuals thread.

    Have you bumped into the ex lately while rocking one of your hot bags? :graucho:
  6. Originally Posted by yeuxhonnetes
    after we broke up, all hell broke loose :lol:![/quote]

    :roflmfao:............ :queen:
  7. sadly, no :crybaby:. he's all the way back in Malaysia, probably guilting his new girlfriend out of buying anything that costs more than $30:roflmfao:
  8. My ex boyfriend (stressing the EX part of that equation) was very keen on reminding me what "decent' things he could of bought with the money I paid for my speedy.

    One night we were out for tea with his parents and sister and he was like "theres an A$840 bag sitting on my bedroom floor...I can't sleep at night."

  9. my bf says "why are you buying grandma bags when youre 24?"

    tsk tsk...just you wait mister...wait till we're married. i'll flood the closet with grandma bags!
  10. I recently bought the Danielle bag by Marc Jacobs and my boyfriend who doesn´t understand why it cost that much was still very supportive. He said "well it´s very nice". He´s the best:heart: Sometimes when I order something expensive I´m a little scared to tell him though because he doesn´t spend money on himself so I feel selfish:shame:
  11. No way!! I dont let anyone, even my DH, ruine any bag experience for me. Its personal and a joy to me...period. Its my thing that I dont need to explaine or... go over or..... even discuss in length about it.:yes:
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. :lol:
  14. luckily my bf is supportive of me.. well, he understands why i buy LV and higher class items, but he still doesnt understand the price and why i need so many of them.. =) he really dislikes the MC and vernis though.. which is a shame, i love those two lines..
  15. Speedy : BF to the S.A : "NO, this bag is boring" and perfo speedy "looks like a pet carrier":roflmfao:
    Manhattan : "NO, too heavy bling at the front"
    He always expresses his true feelings about fashion for women, and sometimes what he refers to is a good laugh.....I won´t start about what he thinks of pointy shoes:shame: