What bag has the thickest leather?

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  1. I'm trying to find my first Balenciaga bag, and I can't decide if I should get a black giant ggh city or a black ggh work. There is so much I'm wondering about, so please bear with me. :smile: The first seems too narrow for me, and I prefer large bags. Any input, anyone?

    Anyway, the quality of the leather of the Balenciaga bags seems excellent, although the thickness seem to be different depending on the type of bags. The city and the work are both made of lambskin, but is it the same thickness? Also, I would like a really saturated, jet black colour. Do any of these bags have that?

    Thank you! Have a great Sunday!
  2. Thickness varies by bag and leather type. While the general consensus is the giant hw bags are made with thicker leather, I have several that are not that thick in BOTH agenau and chevre. As for size, I find the giant work too big for what I carry everyday but not too big on me. The giant city is my favorite style though - I just bought my 3rd the other day.
  3. I agree that giant hw bags have thicker leather, but I have also found a city that had very thick scrumptious leather!! They tend to vary...which is the true delight of a Balenciaga!!
  4. Thank you for your replies! I guess it makes sense that the ones with giant hardware would have thicker leather. I also did suspect that the work bag might be a little big for everyday use, so thank you for voicing your opinion on that. :biggrin:
  5. Leather thickness is a bit of a lottery. I have 2 bags the same year/color and one has thick leather, the other has thin....

    If at all possible, buy your bag from a store where you can look at and hold all the bags first.

    If you have to buy online and sight unseen, which lots of us do, ask plenty of questions about the leather on the bag that you are actually going to buy. Not just the thickness, but how smooth/marbled/distressed/etc that bag is.
  6. I think its hit or miss really. Out of all my bbags I think my gsh city has the thickest leather.
  7. That is truly a question that can't ever be answered since all animal skins are different depending on their health and eating etc. and it depends on what dye colors do to the leather. I personally don't like them being too thick. I like the just in between thick and thin and actually. The year of 08 to me seemed to have the thicker leathers than any other year I have had except for the Sahara color and it was very thin.
  8. Thank you all for more info! As a newbie I need all the help I can get. You're probably right in that buying bags online is a bit of a lottery, and it seems too risky when you're in it for almost $2000. Maybe I should get it in a store so that I can check it out for myself, like you recommend. I was going to order it from Balenciaga.com, but visiting a store really seems to be the best option.

    Now if I could just find one around here...
  9. I agree that 08 had some darn thick leathers, esp on the RH bags. I had two 08 RH bags that were actually thicker than my 08 GH bags. 09 has really great leather; I'm glad I was finally able to buy 3 09 bags before they were all gone.
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