what bag for overhead compartment?

  1. Is the Keepall 55 too large?
  2. I think it is the right size, But my sa told me to be safe get the 50.
  3. Also, should I get the shoulder strap?
  4. Absolutely, otherwise it's heavy to carry through the airport.
  5. I'd get a 50 with shoulder strap. The bigger the size, the heavier the bag is.
  6. Check out the elux listings for the Keepalls. I recall seeing in the descriptions a mention of which one was the max for airline overhead compartment.
  7. I use a 45 Bandouliere w/strap
  8. 55 w/ strap, no problem! It will get heavy though, my hubby has to carry it if we buy too much stuff on holiday!
  9. I agree with others. 55 keepall with strap. However Keepall is the kind of bag that looks best when it's 3/4 full. If too full, it looks like a sausage. Ha ha. And strap cuts into the shoulder too.. Ouch.
  10. 55 is the max carry-on size, but I'm not sure if it fits in the overhead compartments if it's full. I've only travelled with mine once, and then I had to take it under the seat in front of me because it looked to big for the overhead compartment. If I could choose again I'd rather buy a 50 with shoulder strap, because my 55 gets really heavy some times and then the shoulder strap give me marks where it have been, and other times I don't pack it more than half-full, and then it looks kinda ugly. But I still love it though, so good luck with your keepall no matter what you decide on!
  11. I think 50 would be best and to play it safe in case you overstuff it to bring back stuff on vacation.
  12. I have both the 45 and 55--no straps--and I love them both. I tend to use the 45 on flights and the 55 on roadtrips. The strap for me is too heavy on my shoulder when the bag is filled. I've never missed not having the strap.
  13. Oops, I have both the 50 and 60 (not the 45 and 55 as stated above)--I carry the 50 on flights and the 60 for roadtrips. I love these bags!
  14. 50 with strap is the safest size..
  15. Go with 45 or 50 and be sure to buy a strap so you can carry them over your shoulder.