What bag for my interview tomorrow?

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Which bag for my interview?

  1. Canary duffle

  2. Black satchel

  3. Black Brahmin

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I have a face-to-face tomorrow morning and I have black pants, black/white jacket, black shoes. Would my Canary duffle be too much with my new b/w pony scarf? Or should I use my black satchel? Black Brahmin?
    Here's the choices:

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  2. BTW, I'm a programmer, so it's for a professional/technical position in a downtown office.
  3. I like the satchel!
  4. i voted black satchel...classic, professional, conservative.
  5. if conservative is what you are going for...go black satchel! if you are looking for a ping of creativity...go yellow! lovin' it!!!!
  6. Definitely go for the Black Satchel.
  7. the black satchel in the middle. i think that bag has such a professional look to it it ouwld go great with your outfit
  8. def black satchel. looks professional and classy. esp if you dress it up with a scarf!

    and good luck!!!!
  9. Black Satchel without the gold charm - so cute, but I think it's too much for an interview.
  10. I also voted for the black satchel. It's definitely more "professional" looking. Good luck with the interview!!
  11. Black Satchel no contest, but try to bring a spot of color into your outfit somewhere -maybe a scarf, earrings or something small.
  12. My vote is for the black satchel. Good luck on your interview!

  13. ITA!! Best of luck to you!!! :tup:
  14. I voted for black satchel. I really like the yellow but I'm not sure you want to be remembered as "the girl with the yellow bag" haha
  15. Another vote for black satchel - that is the perfect interview bag. Good luck!!