What bag for Laptop & School Stuff

  1. Hmmm....Alaska's post got me thinking....not sure if I'll spring for one since my backpack is working fine...but out of curiosity....

    What bag would you recommend for carrying a 13" Macbook, assorted textbooks, spiral notebooks, the occasional 2" binder, and various pens/pencils (obviously would have to put those in some type of pencil case or something)?

    Mostly I am worried about protecting the Mac. If my clumsy ass fell I wouldn't want it to break!
  2. Are you looking for messenger-style, hand-held, or shoulder-bag or another backpack?
  3. Probably a shoulder bag or messenger bag! I'm not a fan of the LV backpack, and handheld would be too cumbersome!
  4. I would stick to a backpack with an adequate sleeve as you need to protect that MAC;) I finally got my Macbook Pro on the weekend and LVOE it:yahoo:
  5. my Batignolles Horizontal could fit my 15" HP with a little extra room, but i think once you put your laptop in the bag would be difficult to carry much more, because it would weigh you and the bag down. you might have to forgo the textbooks, but otherwise i think the Batignolles Horizontal is a good bag
  6. saleya :smile:

  7. That's what I have right now....this strudy Samsonite that I've had for 4 years and it looks brand new! Best $50 ever LOL
  8. when I traveled thru 4 airports last month..I used the Neverfull MM for my 15 inch DELL and all my junk..It was actually a great bag for all of it.I was surprised how well it worked out.
  9. Twiggs~ LV endorses the Epi Passy GM for this. The elux description states good for a laptop! Such a killer classic bag...The handles are long enough for your shoulder too!

    I also asked the manager about this and she concurred.:tup:
  10. I've got a EPI Passy GM and, while I love it, it doesn't really hold as much as you think, even fully expanded. I use it for work and carry a small 12" laptop, power cord, wallet, cell, and a 8 x 11 portfolio and it is packed! I can't even carry my slightly larger leather bound zip porfolio because it won't fit. It looks like it expands more than it really does because of where the rivets are placed. Plus the center pocket divider limits how much you can put in there.

    Love the bag, but I doubt you'd be happy with it for a 15" laptop, binders and other miscellaneous school stuff.
  11. For a books and a computer...I think (order of preference):

    Olav GM
    Cabas Mezzo

    Basically bags that you can fit your computer in horizontally and comfortably (vertical placement might damage your computer :sweatdrop:).
  12. If you want a bag with a TON of room, go with the Damier Saleya GM. There's nothing that won't fit in there. LOL
  13. I would go with something you can zip shut: Cabas mezzo or saleya.
  14. I bought the Passy GM, but there was only enough room for the laptop and a binder. I needed a bag for work/traveling, so I exchanged it for the new Epi Bourget City Bag. You will still need a sleeve, however it has a lot of space, zip closure, and an optional long strap.
  15. What about a BH with one of the incase sleeves for the laptop? That would definitely ensure it's safe...