What bag for a job interview?

  1. I'm going on a job interview tomorrow and wearing a red button down shirt and black pants. I just looked at all of my bags and realized I don't have a red OR black bag! :blink: I guess it's okay, most of my bags in high school were black and I have just gone the other way. But now I don't know what to use.

    Here is most of my collection ... the only things missing are my LV Cabas MM in blue, my yellow Coach optic shoulder tote, and my Coach Soho Stripe bag.

    I was either thinking my bronze hobo or my Coach tobacco satchel ... both are neutral-ish and don't scream 'designer' ... or maybe my Reade .... argh.

  2. I'd go with the most understated bag. I think a satchel would look more businesslike than a hobo, so of the choices, I'd go with the tobacco Coach satchel.
  3. I would go w/ #10, the Coach satchel in tobacco, it's more professional, a hobo is too casual in my opinion. good luck at your interview, I hope it goes well for you.
  4. I agree- you want to look low key...

    Good luck at the interview!!!
  5. Coach tobacco satche

  6. Agreed, depending on the job field you are interviewing in...best to go more conservative. You want YOU to jump out, not your bag, jewelry, perfume, :biggrin:

    IMO, after you get the job you can begin to express more of your personal style and haul out the good stuff.

    Break a leg!! :heart:
  7. ITA. Good luck with your interview, hope it'll go well. =)
  8. i think it's unanimous for the coach satchel and good luck!
  9. I agree - #10
  10. Another vote for the Coach tobacco satchel:yes: Its a neutral color and will go with almost anything (including black and red)
  11. Thanks guys, I'll be going with the satchel. It's just a part time job tutoring kids while I go back to school. I'll let you know how it goes!
  12. Your collection is so nice but how can you live without one basic black bag?? It's not my favorite but I keep a dressy Coach Signature black on black Soho Pocket Flap bag in my closet just in case. If I need something that will go with anything, it's always there.
    Maybe you need a new bag when you get your new job :smile:
    Here's wishing you luck...