What bag feels best to carry?

  1. What bag do you guys this has to die for softest leather, nice straps, etc?
  2. Haha, sorry i meant what bag has the best leather, nice straps, etc.
  3. I love any bag that goes on the shoulder... it makes it all much easier. My PAddington is awesome for that-- not too heavy and hangs just right.
  4. i like hobos best. i've found that shoulder bags with two straps often fall off my shoulder and i don't like messengers. chanel has the softest leather i've ever felt.
  5. I love tote the best 'cause I found that it's easy to carry around and it fits a lot of stuffs! My current favourite is my gucci tote.
  6. I tend to switch off between a shoulder bag and a hand-held. It keeps me from getting shoulder and neck pain. For a hand-held bag, it has to be able to fit over my arm, so I can still have both hands free. I also prefer a single strap on shoulder bags, but it really depends on the bag.
  7. It really depends on my mood. But I seem to love shoulder bags recently. ;)
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