What bag do you wear with your gold?

  1. I wear gold alot more than silver and like to match all my "hardware"...I tried not to but I just don't feel right if I don't:shrugs:
    Anyway, most of the recent lignes have had silver toned hw--vintage ligne, modern chain, diamond stitch, cabas...
    What new bigger bags will be coming out in gold-tone--maybe the Khaki baby cabas(I know that is copper but maybe it will go with gold...)?
    What bag do you currently wear with your gold? I usually wear a bbag or Chloe because the only Chanel I have with gold right now is my black medallion.
  2. I don't worry about matching. I wear white gold only but I do have a couple of bags with gold h/w and that does not stop me from enjoying the bags. In fact, my two favorites both have gold h/w!
  3. ^^You are probably right...I think the matchy hw thing is very dated ...
  4. I do like to match so when I wear 14K earrings I try to remember to pack a Chloe bag. I'm not much of a jewelry person. The two bracelets I wear all the time have a mix of sterling silver and 18K gold. They match any bag. My sister owns a vintage jewerly business so whenever I see her I take earrings to match my silver h/w Chanel bags!
  5. With the black/gold combo being so hot right now, I'm really in the mood for a Jumbo Black Reissue with gold hardware!!!! (And I primarily wear silver jewelry, or silver/18k mix from David Yurman.)
  6. The best thing about the reissue bags is the fact that the hardware is not bright shiny gold. The hardware is more unpolished and 'worn in' in which really compliments any jewelry you wear. Don't you think?
  7. I don't usually try to match. I wear whatever I'm in the mood for that day. I think it's okay to mix and match.
  8. i mix and match. i think it's more modern that matching
  9. This is a GOOD question
    Macp6 I feel the same way...I have alot of jewelry (WHITE & YELLOW)..I change it daily like my bags LOL and I feel I have to match...when I wear my Grandshopper with the GOLD (and there is so much gold on that bag) I feel as thou I HAVE TO WEAR YELLOW GOLD..at least with that bag...
    Its nice to see that I AM NOT the only crazy person out here that needs to match....I am TRYING NOT TO be..But with SOME BAGS I just have to match the gold..(I guess it depends on the bag also and HOW MUCH hardware is on it)
  10. I never thought about...but my jewelery is white gold and my bags are yellow. :shrugs: