What bag do you use when...

  1. It is raining or snowing outside? :nuts: I don't like wearing my vachetta bags out in the rain, so i switch bags. What do you do so the vachetta will not have water spots? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. I use a pochette. If I am going to work, I keep the pochette inside of my bookbag and only take it out once I am inside. If I am just heading outside to run errands, etc., I keep the pochette inside of my jacket.
  3. mmm i use my epi- its quite resistant against rain ( that being said i havent encoutred much rain)

    but thats a good question... does the vernis hold well in rain? does anyone know?
  4. My Damier bags.:yes:
  5. either my Taiga Viktor or Mono Abbesses.
  6. If it's really pouring I usually put it under my coat and run like hell for cover! Or if it's just errands I just carry a wallet or mini pochette with the chain handle and stuff in my coat pocket.
  7. ummm, when its raining I'm usually carrying my B-Bag City... But I've been caught in the rain afew times with my Mono Speedy and everything turned out alright!!! :smile:
  8. My bad weather bags are my damier speedy, b-bag city or nylon prada.
  9. For real bad weathet, I use my epi. However, I do carry my mono speedy when there is a light rain/drizzle, and I ran like the blazes to get under cover.
  10. It does not rain here much (as we are in a severe drought) BUT in summer (if there is a tropical storm) the only thing that I can use is a plastic bag:nuts:
  11. For slight rain/snopw I use my Damier speedy and for bad rain it's a coach bag.
    Last night it was raining and I was carrying my Damier out of the house and my DH said "OMG hunny what are you doing...you can't carry LV in the rain!" So I had to explain why Damier is better! LOL he's catching on.
  12. Epi
  13. Coach.. ;)
  14. piano bag or mono noe :smile:
  15. Epi noe :graucho: