what bag do you use for work?

  1. Right now I have a LV luco tote and am thinking of making a change. I generally carry my loptop and a few folders. Do any of you use a Chanel for this purpose? If so, which one?
  2. if i had one, i'd be using a cerf tote!
  3. Hi, Mac. In general, my MM tote works well for work. That said, I might admit that my former tote (LV Cabas Mezzo...now in her dust bag) worked even better. MM is fine for minimal paperwork/files, but doesn't carry my laptop very well (leather is too soft, slouchy I think)...
  4. im still unemployed yet.. but in case i was hired ( if god wills) i will use my VIRGIN coco cabas LOL
  5. Mac, Upon further review...I will no longer use the MM tote for work...I was looking at my bag yesterday (used a few times over the last 1-2 months) and noticed the vertical stitching was starting to unravel near the bottom corner...no more Chanel for work...(TG for NM...they issued me a charge credit with no issues!)
  6. ^good!

    I'd say the Cerf as well!
  7. I got a black cerf tote about a month ago and have been using that - it's an awesome work bag although I have trouble getting the straps over my shoulder when wearing a blazer. Of course, it comes with a longer shoulder strap but I'm trying not to use that.
  8. Do you put your computer in it?
  9. I'll check out the cerf next time I'm there. thanks all. :smile:
  10. Luckily I don't carry a computer to work so "no," hehe...I think having a slim laptop (under 3 lbs) wouldn't be a problem.
  11. I switch between Longchamp and Herves ...
  12. I think I'll go with all the stuff I need to carry and check it out. I always carry a laptop and a few slim files... I'll let you know how I make out :smile:
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