what bag do you use for going to the gym?

  1. i currently use black puma bag or a gray kipling tote
  2. I used a small tommy hilifiger bag someone gave me as a gift a few years ago.
  3. Montsouris :love: Backpack
  4. I have a Vera Bradley duffle that works great. Plus it's washable!
  5. I don't{?}
    Am I alone?
    I live about 5 mins from teh gym. I hop in my car, go workout and come right back home - no need for a bag.

    Oooh, I do carry a bottled water and trashy mag in w/ me so I'm not bored on the treadmill!
  6. lol The gym be me is close, too. I just take a small bag for my gym card, keys, and cell. That's why I don't even bother to bring a nice bag.
  7. Ahhh, DH gives me grief about not carrying my phone in w/ me, and they keep my keys at the desk.

    Does seem like a good opportunity to need a new bag though!
  8. umm, when i go to the gym HA HA, i think thats like every 2 years - but anyway i use a nike bag :smile: its nice and big!
  9. I use an eastpak backpack (I have a big one in red and two small ones in limited ed print and trusty black) as well. And a teensy messenger bag for the pool which is a vibrant turquoise.
  10. I want a Kipling bag! I should check ebay out.
  11. Can't you get them in store, Chickee?
  12. I use my red leather Coach backpack - I have to run across a freeway and the light is short lol, so I want my hands free to run! .. so far I've made it.
  13. LV Papillon :lol:
  14. A well-loved, but slightly beat up, Herve Chapelier tote.
  15. Longchamp