What bag do you use for going out?

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  1. i feel like the bags i have are all "work" bags...and i feel weird going to a bar/lounge with a big ol' hobo bag. what kind of bag do you use when you go out? if you use a clutch, what kind(s) do you have? share share :smile:
  2. Well when I used to go out, I didn't use any bag at all for fear of messing it up w/ drinks, etc..;). Now that I'm older and going to cocktail parties or dinner, I use my LV Twin GM clutch. I love it!
  3. Now here we have a perfect excuse to buy a fabulous clutch bag!:lol: :biggrin:
    See how easy that was?

    I have an amazing 40's vintage black cloth bag with what looks like a big "wingnut" in plexi as a clasp.
  4. Bostonshopper: have you been in the new Barney's yet?
  5. I went to the new Barney's week. LOTS of B-bags. Have you guys?
  6. I use one of my vintage ones for an evening out, but then I never carry more than an ID, $, and a lipstick:

  7. Wow! That's gorgeous! I would be afraid I would break it!
  8. No i haven't! i was on newbury last weekend too and just didn't get around to seeing Barney's. i heard it's awesome!
  9. The metal mesh ones are actually pretty durable, as long as you don't carry anything too pointy. I have a bunch of other antique and vintage beaded bags that I truly do worry about carrying, however.
  10. When I go to bars I usually carry my LV Damier Navona b/c it is so low maintenance and fits all of the essentials.
  11. I usually take my epi pochette. The size is small enough where it won't get in the way but big enough to hold my necessities. Even if drinks spill on it, it will slid right off.
  12. When I used to go out a lot, I actually just used my pockets or my BF's pockets. I didn't want to worry about losing my bag.

    Now, I will use my LV Damier Trousse makeup bag as a pochette. I don't go out much though...
  13. My black Gucci horsebit convertible clutch (it was a gift from my DH so I especially love it for sentimential reasons)!
  14. Barney's is so pretty. A B-bag followed me home:P

    I got in town late and booked it over to Hermes, never made it to Newbury Street. Next trip in I must see it, I haven't been for decades now...I'll be there for hours *sigh*
  15. Barney's is nice but when u go upstairs, the sections are actually pretty small. Nevertheless *sigh* I wish a B-bag could have followed me home.. =P