What bag do you take when you're...

  1. What bag do you take along when you are going to:
    • The mall
    • The zoo
    • grocery shopping
    • dinner date
    • movie with the girls
    • Disneyworld
    • sightseeing in Washington D.C/New York/Denver
    • hiking in the Rockies
    • lectures/classes
    • organicf chemistry lab
    • picnic and park with kids
    • .....
    Just curious about the carrying habits of the purse fanatics! Name other places and other bags you take along also!!!
  2. The Mall - Normally I will take my newest bag with me , I feel each purse needs a debut at the mall
    The Zoo= Wow good one , I would take either my sig stripe large tote , or my hamptons nylon medium tote
    Grocery Shopping , whatever I happen to be carrying at the moment

    Dinner Date - What ever matchs the outfit
    Movie with the girls - something fun that match my outfit
    Sight Seeing - Which ever is easy to carry on my shoulder - the stripe tote or something like it
    Hiking in the Rockies - umm I would probaly be sitting in the hotel lobby , hiking a mountian is not for me , maybe I would carry a bag that could carry some food and water for when I get lost ;)
    Classes - Which ever one I happen to be carrying at the moment -
    Picnic with the kids - One of my Baskets purses - I would look good with a picinic basket

    After filling this out I think I need more bags ! :graucho:
  3. When I'm out with the kids I take my Gucci diaper bag.
    When I'm with my 5 year old I take a large Gucci or Coach tote or one of my large Coach Ergo's.
    When I'm on a date with DH I tend to carry a small bag, a Coach demi or Gucci small/medium hobo.
    I love satchel's for date and time when I'm out with friends.
    If I were sightseeing in the Rockies I would use my Coach backpack.
  4. For shoping trips, I carry my most exensive bags. I find I get MUCH better service from SAs this way. It's sad, but true.

    For classes, traveling, etc, I use my huge Legacy bucket tote. It was a hand-me-down from my mom who had it in her closet and never used it for 10 years. It is still like brand new and I LOVE it!

    For grocery shopping, dinner, dates, etc, I carry whatever matches my outfit.
  5. What bag do you take along when you are going to:

    The mall--either Carly or my sig stripe tote so I can throw small bags inside

    The zoo--haven't been in forever, but probably a swingpack or soho hobo...something small that I won't get tired of carrying

    grocery shopping--whatever's with me that day

    dinner date--whatever matches my outfit...probably something small

    movie with the girls--whatever matches my outfit

    Disneyworld--definitely a swingpack

    sightseeing in Washington D.C/New York/Denver--probably a swingpack

    hiking in the Rockies--yeah right.....like anyone could get me to hike in the Rockies....

    lectures/classes--large Carly....I try to wear brown as often as possible so I can carry mine until I get a black one

    organic chemistry lab--n/a

    picnic and park with kids--n/a
  6. Haha. I definitely agree about taking the newest bag to the mall.
    For grocery shopping or doing a lot of walking/sightseeing, I just grab my wristlet out of whatever bag I'm carrying that day.
    I'm very matchy about my outfit and my bag so any date or outing with friends, I take usually the dressiest bag that matches my outfit.
    Organic chemistry lab? Anyone would be crazy to take a nice bag in. The smells are so bad and random stuff gets spilled on countertops and eats through (your favorite sweater!!! :cursing:) stuff.

    Great idea for a post!
  7. I dont switch bags daily, so whichever bag I am currently using is the bag I take everywhere w/ me, EXCEPT when I am going someplace ICKY like a pizzeria, the zoo, the park, etc...the I throw some cash, my ID, and a credit card into my mini skinny, attach it to my keys and GO!!!!!! I NEVER leave home w/o my mini skinny...it's ALWAYS in my bag b/c I NEVER know where I may wind up on a given day!!!!
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  8. Whenever I'm going out and about (doing something that will require me to doing other than keeping up with a purse) I take my black leather demi Carly or a wristlet.
  9. Many of my decisions revolve around how many of my kids I'll have in tow with me. If it's just one, I have more options; if I have all three, I'm usually using my crossbody bag.
    • The mall --Whiskey Ali or Ergo
    • The zoo --Crossbody bag
    • grocery shopping --legacy wristlet
    • dinner date --Ali or Holiday Patchwork 2006 shoulder tote
    • movie with the girls --same as above..
    • Disneyworld --never been
    • sightseeing in Washington D.C/New York/Denver --crossbody bag
    • hiking in the Rockies --backpack
    • lectures/classes --n/a
    • organicf chemistry lab --n/a
    • picnic and park with kids --crossbody bag
  10. To the mall and dinner, its always a bag I want to show off. To every where else on the list, it will be a weekend bag that I dont mind if it gets tossed around. Like a Denim Dooney Sac I have, although I really like it and try to take care of it. I consider any Dooney a throw away bag.
    • The mall-whichever I'm using for that day.
    • The zoo-swingpack
    • grocery shopping-any
    • dinner date-small demi or hobo
    • movie with the girls-wristlet
    • Disneyland-most of my Coach bags have been to Disneyland with me.
    • sightseeing in Washington D.C/New York/Denver-Any
    • hiking in the Rockies-Don't hike. I wouldn't take a purse if I did.
    • lectures/classes-Don't like to take my bags to school.
    • organicf chemistry lab-" "
  11. The mall shoulder bag...easier to be hands free
    The zoo Coach sig stripe demi in khaki or a Kooba
    grocery shopping Coach wristlet or LV pochette
    dinner date whatever works with my outfit
    movie with the girls LV pochette. I hate taking a big bag to the movies
    Disneyworld never been but probably a shoulder bag!
    sightseeing in Washington D.C/New York/Denver
    hiking in the Rockies n/a
    lectures/classes thank God I'm done with School
    organicf chemistry lab see above, LOL
    picnic and park with kids Kooba Sienna!
    WORK: any of my bags, as I :heart: them...
  12. The mall: whichever's on rotation
    The zoo: never go
    grocery shopping: whichever's on rotation, though sometimes I use a wristlet or one of my smaller bags
    dinner date: whichever's on rotation or one of my faves (pink scarf print hobo, Carly, Ergo, Pond shoulder bag)
    movie with the girls: whichever's on rotation (but I go to the movies with hubby)
    Disneyworld: prob Ergo or a wristlet
    sightseeing in Washington D.C/New York/Denver: mini skinny, in my front jeans pocket
    hiking in the Rockies: Hiking? Nah, not for me!!
    lectures/classes: thank God I already graduated!!!
    organicf chemistry lab: see above
    picnic and park with kids: wristlet or mini skinny when hanging with nieces and nephews
    work: whichever's on rotation, unless I'm going to court to fight, then I take one of my most expensive or nicer ones.
    • The mall: Shoulder tote or Ergo Hobo
    • The zoo: Haven't been in years!
    • grocery shopping: Whatever I had at work that day. Usually Mandy, Denim Tote, Ergo, or Carly.
    • dinner date: What's that? :p Dinner with family - usually same as above
    • movie with the girls: We don't go out for movies....but there is "Drinks with the girls!": E/W Demi or Ergo.
    • Disneyland: Can't remember. Maybe just a mini.
    • sightseeing in Washington D.C/New York/Denver: Who has time to travel!
    • hiking in the Rockies: I don't hike. Can't imagine a purse that would go well here.
    • lectures/classes: Teaching: Large Tote (currently Denim Sig Stripe). When I was a student: Jansport backpack.
    • organic chemistry lab: Blue Jansport backpack. (couldn't afford Coach then!)
    • picnic and park with kids: no small kids, no park picnics. Dog park? Usually bag in trunk, just keys with Monkey Fob!
    • Other: Hmmm. evenings out, alumni or work functions, or weddings: Med. Carly, Sig Black E/W Demi or Chanel bag depending on the dress code.
  13. You need three purses for your life
    Mandy- An everyday bag ( shopping, travelling)
    Slingpak- ( vacation/ outdoors activities
    Clutch: Evening bag