What bag do you take on vacation?

  1. Ok, going to Vegas next week :yahoo:& I need suggestions on what bag to take!

    To be practical, I should take my mono BH which holds a ton of stuff BUT I also want to take my new Epi mandarin bucket since it is such a fun color especially for Vegas! I also want to take my white B-bag because I don't take it out for fun too much. uuggghh! Decisions, Decisions! Does anyone else take more than one bag on vacation?
    If you only take one bag, which one is it? Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback!
  2. I usually take a couple of bags, but then I always just use one:shrugs:
  3. I always end up with 2-3 bags when I go on vacation. I like having the variety for what I might end up doing - especially in Vegas!;)
  4. for me it has to be 3 bags to be taken with on vacations: one for the evening, one for shopping/etc and one for the beach and/or sports while on vacation
  5. I would say either the Mandarin or the white b bag. :yes:
  6. I usually bring 2-3 bags as well, in different colors (black and white ones are must for me!).
  7. i usually take 3 bags with me too so i have options. i bring a clutch or small bag for evening, a good medium-sized bag for shopping or just a day out, and a big one as my carryon.

    the last time i went on vacation, it was to Manhattan, and i brought my black Dior Logo Charms pochette, my Prada tie-dye hobo, and my Guccissima tote was my carryon.
  8. That is what I bring too. :yes:
  9. usually i bring 1 balenciaga city, 1 balenciaga first, 1 lv speedy 25, and a few clutches for going out at night! i bring LOTS of bags :P
    that depends on my travel destination & purpose anyway.
  10. I just came back from my honeymoon cruise and I took my massive BCBG tote for carrying around the islands and for shopping. I meant to bring my LV pochette for dinner and going out and completely forgot it (in all the excitement). The big tote was great for holding all essentials, so regardless of how many bags you take, IMO make sure you take a really big one to hold water (hot in Vegas), camera, etc...Have a great trip!:yes:
  11. Lucky girl, I was supposed to be in Vegas this week but ended up not being able to go :crybaby: I always take a minimum of 3 bags with me on trips and on this one I had planned to take a fendi spy, chanel flap and a few clutches.
  12. I took no bags with me on my recent trip...my bf was wondering why!

    I had the intention of buying one or two in the States!
  13. Well, always just one. I don´t want to carry that many around. Usually one I can afford to lose if I lose it or anything like that.

    If you have a feeling that you might buy some on your holiday. I would say bring one cheap bag, you don´t mind getting a little dirt on, if that happens. Then you can get away with buying one or two.. :smile:

  14. Agreed! I don't bring my designer bags when going on trips.. I'm too afraid it will get lost/stolen. It's much less nerve-wracking when you are carrying a bag that is still stylish, but won't hurt you too much if you lose it.
  15. i usually bring 3 bags. 1 bodybag, 1 med. shoulderbag, and 1 med handbag.