What bag do you recommend???

  1. I am looking for a bag that can be worn on the shoulder and will have soft slouchy leather to it. What would you recommend?

    I need it to be on the large side because of carrying some work items. I work as an Office Manager. I'm always dragging things back and forth.


    PS Something under $1000:yes:
  2. maybe this ?

    [​IMG][​IMG]DKNYMixed Materials Satchel$345.00
    For more DKNY, click here.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

  3. I am thinking of getting the Hogan Shopper. It looks slouchy and large and is about $1K. They have one in a brownish color on the BG website but I know it comes in other colors. If you saw Rumor Has It, it is the white bag JA carries throughout the film.
  4. wow... i really like that DKNY bag!
    ive been finding dkny bag designs very appealing! and the leather quality seems nice too..... just bought a bag from them a while ago that i use constantly...altho i have to admit the fact its dkny didnt give me as much of a "designer" rush :P
  5. I'd suggest a Balenciaga work it has the amazing leather, bright colours and is slouchy if you don't stuff it too much.
  6. i always recommend balenciaga in either work or city. city is smaller but it's great to have an extra shoulder strap.
  7. I would recommend DESMO bags as the ones I bought from Neiman Marcus and Saks are excellent in quality and look great. Nice ones include:

    Desmo Handbags - Desmo Bags Collection

    Desmo Handbags - Desmo Bags Collection

    Desmo Handbags - Desmo Bags Collection#

    These particular models are anywhere from $500-$700 I believe and have very soft, slouchy leather. DESMO bags are also great to use for work as the quality is really high. I use mine everyday, which includes carrying loads of documents from and to work, and the quality is just superb. Friends of mine continuously complement me on my DESMO bags and have started buying some, too.
    I hope you find a nice bag and all the best!:smile:
  8. Thanks everyone. You did a great job at choosing. I wish I could have one of each. I have never heard of DESMO bags but I like them. I'm loving those Kooba's too. I appreciate it!
  9. i think the Gryson Olivia bag would be perfect for you!
  10. Milton, this is another line that I have not seen but am definitely interested in checking out. Thank you.