what bag do you REALLY want (as in grail bag) and fear you will never get...

  1. I will start: a gray or brown croc 30 birkin with phw.......................
  2. All I want is a 35 Gold Birkin Togo w/PHW. Is that tooooo much to ask for? I don't fear that I'll never get it. But the wait is really draining me. I think its killing my dear husband too. I think he really wants me to get it too so that he doesn't have to hear about it anymore.
  3. I shall say my Vert Chartreuse 31cm Bolide with GHW. I know this doesnt sound too exotic, and its not the most exiting grail bag to everyone. But I am going crazy wanting it!!!! :nuts:

  4. would think that would be an easy thing for your SA to search for?
  5. A 32cm HAC, Rouge H, Box with PHW and white stitching is my grail bag. But I hear that it's very hard to find/practically impossible to get. Argh.
  6. A 30cm Blue Jean Birkin w/PHW. Just like Megs'. I fear I'll never get it because.. well, frankly, I just don't make enough money! Seriously, that's almost 20% of what I make in a year. :cry: But it doesn't hurt to dream, right??
  7. Fuschia or Blue Jean Crocodile Birkin 30cm, Silver Hardware or I can settle for Ostrich in Fuschia.
  8. Pretty much any croc bag...either braise kelly GHW, matte barenia croc PHW birkin, anthracite matte croc PHW birkin.....

    somehow I feel I might not "deserve" them (stupid, I know) and therefore they will elude me.
  9. a violet croc 30cm birkin
  10. Elle's croc Birkin (LOVE the matte croc!!!:heart:)

    croc.jpg croc 2.jpg croc 1.jpg
  11. something in Bleu Roi Croc or Ostrich...
  12. I think it would be fun to have a purple ( or some other fun color) croc Kelly pochette. I'm not that picky, I'd even be happy with something brown or black. But I do adore pink and purple. Even a pochette is grail to me because of the fact that I want it in croc and I will probably never be able to afford it!
  13. I'm with Cristina on Rouge H box- except I'd like mine 40cm please. I also find Rouge H croc stunning, but if I ever get a croc bag it'll probably be black or graphite.
  14. ^oh yes I'd also like Gaultier to paint my face on the side of a Birkin like Linda Evangelista :p
  15. Yeah, so would I. But apparently its not . According to my SA, Chartreuse ONLY comes with SHW, and doesnt look good with GHW.
    GRR :cursing: Sometimes I get soo annoyed with preconceived ideas.