What bag do you reach for over and over and still love very much?

  1. I was inspired to ask this question by lovebags2. She just received her new BE bag and is in love. But, new love can be blind. After a while and through time, flaws may tarnish our new love....

    Hence, my question- what bag do you still love, even after multiple uses? I'd love to hear about it!

    As for me, I am still loving my Balenciaga Day bag, my Lucky Hobo and my Longchamp Le Pilage bags :tup: Oh, I also continue to love my Hayden Harnett Dominique Hobo :yes:
  2. my mono speedy 25 and dior vintage boston bag in black.. those are pretty much my 2 go to bags.
  3. My La Marthe Audrey tote - it's a classic.
  4. Moni Moni Splendor. It's my go-to bag.
  5. a ferragmo bag my husband got me on our wedding day, or the marc jacobs multi-pocket (large) in red...
  6. Coach Chelsea tote in brown leather.

    I wear a lot of earth tones, so it matches most of my clothes and it's the perfect size! That bag has been through hell and it still looks great. It has had latex paint spilled on it (came right off!), I've used it as a school bag, a shopping tote, and it's been everywhere with me since I got it a few years ago! I go through phases where I don't carry it much, but I always go back to it. So much sentimental value and it's still a really practical, nice looking bag. I love it :love:
  7. I am known to switch my bags around. and since its been pretty rainy lately, belive it or not a handbag I purchased 6 years ago from EXPRESS!!! lol
  8. my RM tomato grace....shes lovely and the perfect size :heart:
  9. Anna Corinna butterscotch mini city.....EVERY DAY FOR MONTHS AND TOTAL LOVE!!!
  10. mono speedy 25
  11. Tano Miss Congeniality. I thought it was too big when I bought it, but the color is so fabulous and goes with everything and the bag is so yummy feeling and convenient to use that I reach for it all the time.
  12. My MJ black patent small bowler. It's the perfect dressy going out bag yet practical enough to carry some actual stuff.
  13. Balenciaga city and Chanel jumbo
  14. I love my chocolate suede Lambertson Truex Paris bag. I thought about it all summer long, I can now finally wear it again (when it's dry out of course).
  15. Lately I've been carrying my Tylie Malibu Apache Flower in chocolate pebbled leather--it's so soft and it holds a ton without looking ginormous! I also love my Cole Haan Village Lunch Tote in Hot Chocolate....

    I've got a thing for dark brown leather bags! :p
    APACHE_STILL.jpg colehaanvillage.jpg