What bag do you prefer?

  1. I was wondering what bag you like better? If you could tell me why you chose the bag.Opinions will be greatly appreciated!!!!
    Coach 1
    Coach 2
  2. I prefer the second one - the styling is simplier and I bet you can get more in it!!:yes:
  3. I have the first of the two (Signature Shoulder Zip) and I love it! I love the khaki sig/black leather combination and the size is perfect. It holds a lot and it's not bulky at all. Plus, you can wear it year around so it's very practical.

    I definitely vote for the first one!
  4. I love both, But I would choose the Carly. I prefer larger bags, I tend to carry alot with me and the smaller bags just don't cut it.
  5. Please keep your opinions comming ladies. Im having a hard time deciding between the two.
  6. Number 2, but only because I love LARGE bags. I get weak in the knees over them . . . .
  7. SilverSea, have you seen either of them in person?
  8. yes I have. I know they are quite diffrent in size and style. I love them both equally that's why im having such a hard time deciding.
  9. I would say the Carly, so cute.
  10. I like Number 1 best, but will it be big enough for you?
  11. I say go with the Carly! :yes:
  12. :heart: the Carly
  13. I say go for the zip....I always have to get a larger bag because I haul around kid crap all the time - I yearn for a smaller, hipper bag!!! Let me live vicariously through you.
  14. I carry a slim wallet, keys, cell phone, small makeup bag and an eye glass case. That is pretty much it. Do you think the Legacy zip can hold all that?
  15. I like both!

    But if it were for my personal needs I would choose #2 the Carly.

    I don't really carry a lot of junk, but I like larger bags, I like the extra space and plus I'm a larger girl and if the bag is too small I over power it. :p