What bag do you get the most compliments about?

  1. So ladies, what bag of yours has the biggest wow factor?
  2. My Roxanne always gets the "Ooooh, I have always wanted that bag!" reaction from people.
    She is my favourite and my best! Not that I don't love my other babies...there is just something about Roxy!
  3. LOL :roflmfao: Most of my Mulberry bags are still waiting for compliments because they sit in my wardrobe in their sleeper bags and hardly see any daylight. But last week when I was shopping in Fenwicks, the SA told me that my oak Phoebe is beautiful. Well, Phoebe was chuffed to bits and told me I should take her out more. :roflmfao:
  4. This is hilarious (to me!). The bag I get most comments about is this one:

    Can you believe it? All my fabulous Mulberries and it's a £5 canvas bag that gets the compliments :nogood:

    I think my bronze Bayswater has gotten a few comments but, really, no-one ever comments on my bags :crybaby::lol:
  5. I have that one too and a woman once offered me £50 for on the street! :wtf:
    I just stood there thinking, my mate paid £5 for this...???
    In the end I said "no" because I had nowhere to put everything that was in my bag at the time! Wish I had agreed because it just sits on my peg and only gets taken out when we load it up with everything for the park.
  6. I know what you mean. I'm too embarrassed to carry it now :sad: I wish I'd sold it on eBay when they were going for £100+ (and then put the money towards a Mulberry :graucho:)
  7. Magenta Hanover currently gets the compliments - probably because of the eye catching colour. Last time was in John Lewis from the Clinique SA as I was buying a new lippie.
  8. My Olive Elgin, probably :smile:
  9. Orla Kiely alpine forest shoulder bag
  10. Marc Jacobs Hudson in tan and black patent .
  11. Ouch! :sad:
    Non Mulberry compliments...
  12. Bayswater, because they are not seen where I live. But I actually work in an environment that compliments are not given out. There are only a few other women that appreciate handbags and fashion, etc. We are a tight knit little group, the snobs of the Bank!!
  13. I use my 'I'm not a plastic bag' as a knitting bag, as there are so many bad copies everywhere. It's great for holding all my yarn.

    I don't get compliments on my Mulberries, as I don't work with or socialise with any other bag-a-holics. In fact, they think I am crazy for spending so much on them.
  14. I know what you mean. None of my friends wear expensive bags and they always say :wtf:
    when I tell them what I pay.
    I think if you are not a bit of a fashionista, then you just aren't going to get it.
  15. Yay!!! Mine too!! She's such a tart with sooooo much attitude,love her to bits!! But I'm dying to give Pinky a whirl when the weathers appropriate. I'll see what peeps make of her!!!
    Did get a compliment of a lady in a furniture store about my oak Elgin,she had an oak Phoebe,so we did the 'great bag' line to each other!!!
    And Andy loves my Elgin,says its the most glamorous bin bag he's ever seen!! Loves it when we all go out together as it fits EVERYTHING in it!!!