What bag do you find yourself reaching for most? And why?

  1. Do you rotate your bags or have a good ol' reliable one you depend on daily? :graucho:
  2. I have pretty much only used my mono Speedy this holiday season, and used my epi pieces (red speedy 25, black pochette) sparingly for special occasions.

    Mono just goes with everything, and my 25 speedy is a great knockaround bag that holds everything I need right now!
  3. I like to try to give equal love to all my bags. I try to rotate daily. Once in a while I will go 2 or 3 days without changing but no longer then that.
  4. I use my "special" bags on the weekends or dates with my husband. Daily I use my monogram cabas because I can just throw it over my shoulder with no worries.
  5. I always tell myself that I am going to rotate bags but I have been using my Neverfull everyday since I got it!!! It's just so durable and holds EVERYTHING. I love it!!!!
  6. lately i have been using my damier 30...everyday since i got it at the beginning of december! i used my mono25 for most of the summer, and my damier 25 for the evenings.
  7. I love the size of my speedy 30's...they hold so much yet do not look huge at all.
  8. I change my bags daily depending on the occasion... but I tend to reach for my black Neo Cabby MM a lot lately - she's slouchy yet holds a lot, and you can hand-carry and shoulder-carry when needed
  9. The bag I use most is my mono speedy 30, followed a close second by my Batignolles Horizontal.
  10. I use my Epi petit noé the most out of my LVs since I prefer hands free and Epi is low maintenance
  11. I change bags every 4 or 5 days. Today using my Tivoli PM for the first time and thinking she may be on my arm for a bit longer than that!
  12. LOl, my Cerises Speedy. It's my most beaten-up bag but I LOVE IT.
  13. ^same here...on rainy days, I use my damier pap 30.
  14. Lately because of the rain and weird damp weather, I've been using my damier ebene speedy 30 ... perfect knock around bag.
  15. I rotate my bags weekly. I want to make sure they all get equal love!