what bag do you carry when you travel?

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  1. hello everyone! was wondering if you can help me decide on which bag do you think is perfect to carry along when travelling? am thinking of an lv musette tango or is a speedy a better choice so i can fit in more things? help please. let me know if you have other suggestions. better yet, let me know which bag you carry along when youb travel. thanks :smile:
  2. My Cabas Alto :love: comes in VERY handy!!!
  3. thanks for replying lv_addict... sorry but do you have a pic of the cabas alto? is this the same bag i've seen angelina jolie carry during most of her travels?please post pic if you can
  4. Are you married to the idea of carrying LV when you travel? I usually use a simply Longchamp tote. It travels well, tough, and stores easily when not in use.
  5. to carry books, mags, etc. I use one of the following:
    LV Damier Geant Messenger (usually)
    Coach TransAtlantic Messenger
    Coach Classic Backpack (used for my daughter's things)
  6. hi suli! am open to all your suggestions . doesn''t have to be an lv, as long as it can serve its purpose. thanks
  7. I'm planning on using my LV Batignolles Horizontal as my purse/carry on for the airplane. I've packed my Cole Haan dark brown suede hobo to carry around once we get there. (Ski resort)
  8. What kind of travel? Vacation? Cruise? Europe? Tropical Island w/all inclusive? Business? It makes a difference. Are you bringing a small carryon piece of luggage on the plane, or just a purse?
  9. hello baglady14! will be taking a 4 day vacation only.have no plans of bringing a small carry on luggage on the plane.
  10. am going to hongkong so hopefully i can shop for a nice bag too :smile:
    hmmm... any tips on where to shop for designer bags in hong kong?
  11. Ditto...I almost always travel with a Longchamp or Herve Chapelier tote. Usually I put a smaller purse in them and then a load of junk like water bottle, snacks, magazines, books, etc for the flights. So it is almost like getting away with 3 carry ons because I still have the seperate purse and then of course whatever other carry on I need. And the best part is, if I'm not using something that large on my way home or something, it takes up virtually no room in my luggage.
  12. Angelina's is Mezzo (next size down) and has a zipper on top.
    Here is Alto:
    It does get pretty heavy if you carry a lot of stuff with you!!!
  13. I have a cole hahn bag that I carry on my trips to the caribbean. I try not to be too flashy when traveling. I leave the good stuff home, including jewelry.
  14. really nice!!! is it available in most lv stores? i 've never seen one in our local lv store. i checked eluxury to check the dimensions but its currently not listed.
  15. ooops my last message was in reply to lv_addict :smile: sorry