What bag do you carry when it pours rain?

  1. Sorry if there has already been a thread- tried to search and didn't find one.
    So- what purse do you carry when it's pouring? I want to keep my nice bags, nice so I figure I need to find some sort of beat-around for rainy days. Suggestions?
  2. Nothing suede or fabric for me. I usually carry my Speedy 35.
  3. my damier speedy 30
  4. I've been caught in the pouring rain many times, living in Vancouver. None of my leather (unsprayed) purses have been ruined by getting poured on. I have a great $3000 Givenchy messenger bag that I thought for sure would be ruined the first time I got caught in a rainstorm, but it dried off without a hint of damage. The leather is like the Balenciaga bags. I don't feel like I need to really worry about the rain, but the rain here is very pure, not polluted, which might be the case in other cities.
  5. my antigua cabas
  6. My Gucci tote (water-resistant).
  7. I usually carry a wristlet or clutch.
  8. Longchamp le pliages
  9. I think of mine strictly as a travel bag but you have a very good point - thanks for that.
  10. Old nylon Prada or a coach wristlet
  11. Coach leather hobo.
  12. I have my Tokidoki LeSportsac and also my D&B cabriolet bucket. I really wish they still made cabriolet :sad:
  13. damier speedy or marc by marc jacobs satchel
  14. tokidoki bags =) and other lesportsac bags
  15. When I'm at school, backpack :yes: Otherwise a small bag that I can cuddle to my chest in the seconds I spend in rain between car and destination. I guess I'm kind of paranoid :ninja: