What bag do you carry to the BEACH?

  1. I suppose this is relevant only to those of you who live near the water...but to extend it... we'll also include camping, etc..

    But I'm curious.... I've been seduced by the LV damier azur line :love: & all I think is "The Noe would look so cute at the beach..." and then I remember how much the dang thing costs & where I'm at... it'd get swiped in a heartbeat if left unattended...! :crybaby:

    Normally, I wind up bringing my small ripcurl backpack...

    ...but what do you carry when you're gonna be wet or rough-and-tumbled?
  2. I carry a black nylon Nike bag that was 10 bucks at Ross if I'm going to be wet & sandy :yes:

    If I want to look a little more sophisticated, I have a giant Prada tote that I use but then I can't usually leave my towel/lounge chair.
  3. i only carry my vintage bags that can be thrown around and not worrying for... i jumped in the water a lot for boogie board, not just sun bathing. so i left my bags a lot.
  4. Old Navy striped mesh tote bag.....
  5. A big canvas beach bag...just got a new pink one from J. Crew actually
  6. I have a Monica Lewinsky bag I bought a while back that I will bring to the beach or I have a Banana Republic tote that is made out of nylon I'll bring. I think once I brought a LV but I really shouldn't have. I just didn't think about it. Then I never left it and had to watch it the whole time. I figure sand and/or water will get all over whatever I bring so it shouldn't be too nice.
  7. Kate Spade Rubber tote. They are colorful and cute.
  8. Ralph Lauren pink pony tote.
  9. L.L. Bean boat & tote.
  10. I just carry cute totes from Target. I have this one that's clear vinyl with a cute shopping print and has a pink nylon bag inside it for things you don't want to be seen.
    I also have used a really cute small duffle from fredflare.com that has red and blue anchors on it.
  11. i bring a vinyl tote that i got from accesorize. cheap and cute...
  12. A big straw tote
  13. Coach Denim Hamptons Weekend Tote. I LOVE this bag! I always take it for my carry on to when I travel.
  14. usually a laura ashley printed fabric tote which is washable and a straw bag
  15. A clear and pink Hello Kitty plastic tote.