what bag do you carry in the rain?

  1. Do you have a certain bag that can get wet (like a LV coated canvas), or do you carry a cheapie bag on rainy days? Or do you treat your bags with a water protecting lotion?

    The other day it was raining and I had to do an errand for work, but there was no way I was letting my new Jimmy Choo bag get wet! :sweatdrop: I waited till the next day when I could use my mono Speedy 30 since it's mostly canvas.
  2. i use prada nylon bags on rainy/snowy day.
  3. I usually use my Coach bags and have sprayed them with water protectant. I has a fabric Coach but just sold it so I'm stuck with my leather bags or my gym bag.
  4. i have a cute prada bag or i will carry my burberry and sometimes coach.
  5. I carry my LV speedy.
  6. It's either mono Petit Noe or Mizi Vienna. Sometimes I use Waltz Oskar (it has no vachetta).
  7. mono speedy 30, coach laminated large makeup bag or a cheapie bag i bought that looks like a bible!
  8. I'll usually carry my Prada nylon bag if I know it's going to be raining.
  9. LV epi. I like that it still looks polished, but doesn't need to be babied in bad weather.
  10. My burberry is PERFECT for rainy days! :yes:
  11. I usually stick whatever purse I am carrying up my shirt as I run in to my house. :p
  12. Prada nylon for me too.....

    Its an easy choice...although I have LVs, Canvas, I still think that for rain...nothing beats Prada......its sooo nice & hassel free!!!!!
  13. Prada nylon. It's indestructable & I wouldn't want my LV leather parts getting wet
  14. Living near Seattle - I have to deal with this issue a lot! I have a couple of Coach bags with pebbled leather that look fine after being in the rain. I have some inexpensive bags by Tignanello, Fossil, Liz Claiborne, and a few no name brands that I don't worry about getting rained on. For when I am feeling ultra casual I like Le Sportsac bags - they are nylon (I think) and definitely fine in the rain. Peggy
  15. Rain can certainly be a problem living in Florida...On rainy days I carry a (far from being a designer) canvas tote from Target. I can throw that thing all around and not have a worry. Now, if I'm carrying one of my good bags when it starts, I have a garbage bag folded flat in a baggie for an emergency cover. Not pretty but it works.