What bag do you carry in really horrible weather?

  1. It is raining where I am today. Not a little light rain but pouring. I never know what to carry in this weather. Sometimes I carry a black longchamp bag that I have...but I was wondering if anyone takes their Coach Bags out in really terrible weather.
  2. Yes, only leather totes that completely have a zipper closure.
    #1 weather bag for me is the Penelope black leather tote/satchel.

    However, with an umbrella my priority is always the Coach bag :smile: I can always get my hair redone. :graucho:
  3. That's a good question!! I never really thought about it. I usually carry my Chelsea hobo in black or brown.

    Which makes me wonder, what do you carry when the weather is hot? Do you carry a heavy, large bag or do you carry a wristlet or light small bag? And do what do you carry to the beach?

    This has me wondering since we live near the beach and I am ALWAYS there during the summer. I guess I am going to have to decide if I want to carry an expensive purse to the beach. Oh my!!
  4. In really bad weather like we had for the past two days in Sacramento. I carry my black signature chelsea satchel or my scribble medium tote. these ones have closed tops and its signature so a little water wont hurt I guess... I would never use one of my legacy leather bags because the rain can spot the leather.
  5. I haven't had any problems with coach leather in the rain. Any water spots dried almost instantly.
    For the person asking about the beach - I did take a coach sig carryall to the beach once. It was fine but I think there are a lot of cute inexpensive totes that work better for the beach.
  6. I use my large Chocolate sig Carly!!
  7. Yeah the weather has been crazy her in the bay area, especially yesterday!! I carry my black patent gallery tote. There is no zipper on the bag but my arm with my coat on covers it anyways. It got really wet yesterday, but no harm since it just wipes off.;)
  8. Something that zips so that all the contents don't get wet. Maybe I should follow my own advice since my current purse does not zip over the top.
  9. ANY of my bags!!!! I bought them to USE THEM, and I WILL!!!! EXCEPT in icky places!!!!! LOLOL
  10. In light or normal rain I carry my coach siggy bag but in awful rain I have a Dooney all weather leather that can go through a blizzard. I bought the siggy because the SA said it was fine for rain, snow etc. but I like it so much that I just mentally can't take it out in nasty rain. But she said you could so...
  11. I would carry any of my Coach bags (leather or sig) in really bad downpours, with the exception of my two bucket totes, simply because of the wide opening. I haven't had any problems with water spots on either...I just love my Coach bags!!

    To the beach? I have a khaki sig stripe demi which I would probably throw into a larger straw tote. Beach is the one place to be really careful, IMO. With sun, salt water and potential sunscreen stains it's best to bring something you aren't so particular about.
  12. Good point! I will stick with my black and white tote from NY and CO. when I go to the beach!!

    Now what do you ladies carry in the summer? Do you carry larger bags or do you tend to carry smaller ones/wristlets?
  13. I totally agree! :yes:
  14. I live in the land of rain....I carry my pebbled leather bags or my newly bought ergo signature. I too was really worried but I worry less after I see how many choices I have both my LV's go in the rain. I carry an umbrella all the time so I use that and I have been know to have a big bag with me and slip it in there.
  15. I've carried all of my bags in icky weather (mostly rain) but my favorites for a rainy day are my Ergo Hobo or my Carly.